Saturday, December 3, 2016

Portland Population Set for Dramatic Increase

Life has thrown us a few twists the past couple years, but I'm happy to report DJs Human Highlight Film and Cool It Now are officially back on the grind and ready to move you in inappropriate ways. On December 13, New Jack City presents Sensitivity, a candle-lit 6-10pm evening showcase at Church (the bar). Sensitivity centers on the smoothest of jams and feel-good throwbacks from our expansive vinyl archives. We plan to make this a monthly event so you'll have plenty of opportunity to let your emotions take hold. Apologies to anyone who wasn't planning on having kids. Put on your red dress and slip on your high heels, and let's make it a special night.

New Jack City presents Sensitivity
Tuesday 12/13, 6-10pm
Church (2600 NE Sandy)